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We are passionate about improving how projects are managed. We work with you to assess your pain points, identify solutions, and implement changes to how projects are identified, prioritized, planned, and monitored.

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Training Resources

We are passionate about improving your skills in project management and leadership. We offer on-site, on-line, and hybrid training programs, along with a growing collection of books.

Our Story

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Lisa-Ann Barnes founded IreeTec, Incorporated in 1994 to share our team's expertise and passion for project management with companies, teams, and team leaders who were struggling to simply "get the work done". While relaxing on a beach after successfully completing a very complex project, she found herself attracted to the Jamaican word, “Irie,” meaning “everything is going to be okay.” It resonated with her because of her belief that with the right approach to projects, everything genuinely will be ok – regardless of the unexpected twists and turns that happen naturally along the course of any project. She decided to incorporate the word, with a slightly different spelling, into the company name to communicate our commitment to helping others lead smarter projects that enable them to love what they do and be highly successful in the process.

Lisa-Ann Barnes (PMP, Project+) is the highly-experienced and dynamic leader of IreeTec. It's her team-centric values and strongly held beliefs that are imbued in the products and services of IreeTec. Lisa-Ann is also adjunct faculty at Northwestern University where she teaches a number of classes on project management and leadership. She received the 2016 Professional Development Faculty Distinguished Teaching Excellence Award. Read Lisa-Ann's complete biography.